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A floorcloth custom to your wants and needs

A custom floorcloth is meant to fit your needs and your interests.  So...

  • First we have a conversation - where are you going to use it, what kind of traffic do you expect, what are your favorite colors, shapes and designs, anything specific you want to make sure is included (or not), dimensions, etc.

  • I'll come up with a color pallet and some very basic designs

  • You must be aware, that I will never be able to show you exactly what the final piece will look like ahead of time!  As I work through the piece some things discussed will work well, others not so well or I get inspired by something that is happening.  If there are major developments I'll contact you.

  • It takes three-four weeks to develop work at an estimated $65 to $75 per square foot

  • Before the finishing touches we will go over the piece and see if changes need to be made

  • Once settled, I put on seven coats of polyurethane, and one of hard wax

That's it!


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