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A floorcloth is best suited for a hard surface floor (linoleum, wood, tile, and concrete), not carpet.  Laying a floorcloth over carpet can result in small surface cracks due to the weight of walking or furniture penetrating the softness of the carpet below.

  • Allow your floorcloth to come to room temperature before unrolling.  While you are waiting, clean the floor very thoroughly by vacuuming and mopping up any dust or dirt.

  • Check the feet of any chairs or tables that will sit on your floorcloth. If there are rough or sharp edges, fasten protective gliders to the feet so that they can shift easily over the cloth.


Lay the floorcloth where you would like it to eventually sit and unroll it slowly.  If your floorcloth seems a little stiff, allow it to come completely to room temperature and it will become flexible once more.

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